Rachael Melot Owner

Wystle is more than brick and mortar.  It is more than Shawnee’s gift shop. It is my calling.  It is where I can mentor women to pursue their very own version of success.  Wystle is where I can use all of my experiences as an entrepreneur, a New York City executive, a small town business owner, a teacher and a leader.

When I bought a local boutique, I had a vision of operating a cute local store where everyone who walked in the door was my friend.  You know the type of boutique where the shop owner was a little ole lady that served iced tea and had the cat with the bell around her neck.  While that may have been my vision, my God laughed at such a small vision.  

Now, years later, I own Wystle, the boutique with the same small vision and the opportunity to mentor women.  After more than 20 years running businesses I am able to bring my skills and experience to my local community where I hire and mentor  up to 25 young ladies each year.  

What I have learned since owning Wystle is that young women, especially millennials and Gen Z’ers are amazing, driven women.  They are my most amazing connections.  They are the potential of our future and I love inspiring them to be their best self.  


Bailey Justice
Mariah Martinez
Macy McNaughton
Hannah Baughman
Candida Lucero